Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What is life?

                                         WHAT IS LIFE?

What is life?                                                                             
Is it to carry
or to enjoy
everyday fully.
This I ask because everyday
I am compelled to choose any one.
When I choose for duty
Destiny forces me to be happy.
Here 'happy' means not comforts
It is actually my fantasy world.
When I choose to enjoy single moment
Circumstances teach me duties of more moment.

But it is strange
what I'm gonna tell you.
When I try to balance each of them
Fortune makes me feel how guilty I am.
Till I understand the concept of life
I had already done so much to apologize.
When I beg each one for pardon
I discover I lose what I've earned.
Then I see, my life has got
Sea of precious memories to revive
& sea of despair now alive.
I start losing hope each and everyday
And come to a situation where everyday I pray
Please make me back to what I was
Coz this avatar of me is not good of course!
And this cycle goes on
Till life rides on.
This poem is dedicated to all those people , especially teenagers who feel such and are not able to express it. If you are one of them,  please assume that it is written especially for you.
                                                                                - Sheetal Pahadi