Monday, 5 May 2014



The sorrow of death is so intense, deep and dark which we can't imagine, unless we experience it. I pray to God not to show any one of us such days.

A few days earlier a young boy 'Rajesh' of 24, enjoying his life to the fullest, shouldering the responsibility of his family; who had just got a new job few months before, went to a picnic alongwith his younger brother and some of his friends. They were six in number and travelled their way on to the picnic spot with full youthful spirit. They cooked delicious food with an enchanting aroma, danced, sang songs and had great fun. The evening was going well. The evening grew darker. But the moonlight brightened the whole scene. The bonfire, around which the boys sat, the beauty of the sky at that place, beside which there was a picturesque lake altogether appeared so magical. It was all well. At a certain point, Rajesh started feeling uncomfortable. He wanted to go back. It was also going darker. So, he alongwith tow of his friends sat on a motorbike and went back. They were in full speed. In the middle of their journey, they clashed with a truck. At that point, there was a complete silence.
Rajesh................................................. died on the spot, while two of his friends were severely injured. They were immediately taken to the nearby city hospital.

When the relatives of Rajesh got this information, they were in a complete shock. They went to the hospital to see him. He was dead.

His mother was not told about the fatal incident................................................. She was a patient of high B.P.

But at some point, she had to be told.

As time passed by, she started being worried, for her sons were mostly home by 7 pm.And now it was too late- about 10.
It is said that a mother knows everything about her child. She instantly knows through her inner soul if something wrong happens to her child.

The same happened. She started feeling uncomfortable.
She sat at the gate of the house with her slipper in her hand. She said to herself & her other family members ,"Aane do. Maare bina khana nahi doongi." - that means, 'Let them come. I won't give them food unless I beat them once.' This wa the cute concern, the 'mamta' of a mother- which all of us like--- a bit too emotional for this moment to see. She was really worried. She tried to call them. But there was no answer from the other side.

She sat at the gate............waiting.........
But she didn't know that her elder son would never come.

After a few hours, she was told taht Rajesh had met an accident and was in ICU. The truth was yet not revealed to her. She cried a lot on hearing this half truth. She was angry at the family members for not telling her this before.

But finally, after a lot of people convinced the relatives to tell her, she was told the truth.
And then what could have happened?
The mother cried her heart out. Her every drop of tear pleaded for his son's comeback. No one could speak. What else was worse for a mother than losing her son?

The next day, some young boys went to a cricket stadium. They informed the coach there, about Rajesh's death. The coach was shocked, for he had been one of his best players. He said to his other students, " The new ones amongst you- you may not know Rajesh. But the older players knew very well that he was such an awesome player in the whole city. He is no more. Let's pray for the peace of his departed soul for 2 minutes and then you may leave. Today, no practice."

----------A complete silence--------
-------------All departed-----------

*** We youngsters don't have any idea, what death costs to us and our family. A small mistake of driving fast had snatched everything from him. Many of us think of committing suicide. But we do not think or imagine what will be the condition of our loved ones- our family, if they hear this undesired news.

Life is to be enjoyed but with certain safety measures, certain limitations.


-Sheetal Pahadi