Saturday, 21 June 2014

Will Pakistan Come Close To Our Heart?

                                     WILL PAKISTAN COME CLOSE TO OUR HEART?

It is one of my dreams to go to Pakistan - you believe it or not. Not just I wish to go there when I am awake, I even see myself cross the border in my dreams. This dream is not newly born. It has been there with me since I was nearly about 8-9 years. At that age, I didn't even know the exact relationship or I may say the differences between the two 'brother-sister' nations. At that time, I just knew that some of the terrorists who had attacked Mumbai were of Pakistan and that India-Pakistan relations were not so good.
But I don't have any hatred towards our neighboring country – which most of you might be thinking that I feel such on the basis of above para.

It is not so.

Terrorism should be seen in terms of its ideology and the people who promote it, not the nation where they reside. But this should not make the nations wash off their hands from this great responsibility of combating terrorism from their motherlands. Hating or disliking any country on the basis of presence of terrorist groups is not okay. Because even India has got some terrorist and maoist group. And we are really trying hard to stop these activities and make our nation more peaceful. So every country with the co-operation of their citizens, should take steps to uproot terrorism.

It was very sad to see the recent disastrous attacks at Karachi. I don't understand why terrorist groups need to pick up violence as their arms to get their work done. If they have any demands or if they have any problem, things can be sorted out with negotiations and consensus.

One thing I want to say them - “Please Stop This!  Life is very PRECIOUS.”

Well, coming back to my dreams – Ah Yes!

I want to share a few of them which I remember even today.

Deep in sleep, I was so careless from the entire world. But a point came when I entered my most unexpected dream. It was night time and I was on my bicycle – travelling in full speed, on & on I go – I keep paddling & paddling & paddling -  very fast – faster and faster. I see a red line.

And as time passes by I cross that red line and enter Pakistan. That red line was the border...... ha-ha!!! (At that time I didn't exactly know how the border actually looked like.) My happiness had no limits. People there were so friendly, there houses were like ours and it seemed as if they were a part of our family.
Remember! This is my dream and we all know that the dream's start and end are unexplainable.

I had even seen commandos entering my house and handcuffing me. Whoo!!! So breathtaking.
I have also seen airplanes and helicopters flying just above my house. They were not flying forward, they were just circling above my house. It was so scary.

The situation was like that of a World War, although I have never seen it!

Well....... amidst all these funny talks, there is a serious and deep meaning. Its my heart's desire to go there and explore the lives of people and understand what is the real issue between us from their point of view. I also want to explore their culture, their heritage and bring them in front of India.

It will ever happen or not I will know it in the future, but for now – at present – there is something unique going on which may answer our curiosity , like “What exactly Pakistan is like?”
And that unique thing is 'Zindagi- Jodey Dilon Ko'.

Yes, truly the words actually mean to me and I hope they mean to every Indian who wishes to see Indo-Pak relations get better.

Of course, political relations can't go better because of a 'channel' – for that, our dear prime minister Narendra Modi has already buckled up.

But this channel can change our social relations – our thinking, our emotions.
It will let us know that Pakistanis are like us – although traditionally, culturally and geographically different, but the emotions hidden in their life stories are like us. I hope when we'll watch those shows, we will feel as if we are a part of that story.

On certain D2H services, this channel may not be telecasting now as it will launch on 23rd June; but on Cable TV networks “Zindagi – Test Signal” is already on with the promos of excellent stuff its going to gift us.

Trust me, these promos have touched my heart. And I'm surely going to watch these from 23rd.
I really hope to see some good content which will let me mentally travel to Pakistan and will fulfill 50% of my desire.

It will be worth seeing as to how close Pakistan will come to our heart – both politically and socially. And all of you reading this - at least once please see this channel.
    Love you India & all neighbor-nations from my heart's core
               Special love to all the nations far away.
                                                                                - Sheetal Pahadi